Below Details the adoption Process through COGR

The first step in adopting a greyhound is making sure the greyhound is the right dog for you, your family, and your lifestyle. In order to gain the proper perspective on the breed COGR requires all potential adopters to read “Adopting The Racing Greyhoundby Cynthia Branigan. But since reading about a greyhound and experiencing a greyhound are two different things, we also recommend attending one of our Meet & Greets and speaking with some of our volunteers to clear up any remaining greyt questions you may have.

After you’ve finished this bit of homework, complete an Adoption Application. A COGR representative will contact you to review your application and conduct a phone interview. The next step is a home visit to determine if your home is greyhound friendly. During these meetings we will work with you to identify the sex, age, and personality traits of the dog that will best match your family. COGR attempts to match dogs’ temperaments to the lifestyles of prospective adopters as much as possible, because our goal is lifetime homes for all of our dogs where adopters and dogs alike are happy with each other. With these details ironed out COGR will arrange for prospective hounds to meet you in your home to verify this is the greyhound which best suits you. Assuming all goes well you will sign the adoption contract, pay the adoption fee, and take possession of a greyt new friend!


Effective 8/1/2016 COGR’s adoption fee structure is:
Greyhound $275.00
Senior Greyhound (7+ Years Old) $175.00
Special Needs $175.00

All COGR greyhounds (regardless of age) receive the following prior to adoption:

  • Spay or neuter
  • Teeth cleaning while under anesthesia
  • Heartworm test and started on Heartgard (or equivalent)
  • Vaccinations updated
  • Deworming
  • Microchipping for identification purposes
  • Bath, nail trim and flea and tick treatment with Frontline (or equivalent)
  • Martingale collar with matching lead and harness

COGR will not place greyhounds in homes under the following conditions:

  • Homes using electric or invisible fence
  • Homes using tie-outs
  • Homes with children under 6 years old

COGR normally requires a fenced yard, but exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis.  We will not place greyhounds in homes with children and no fence!

COGR will not follow up with a potential adopter that has already applied to another adoption group. We are not in competition with other groups in Ohio to place dogs. Please be considerate and understand that all the groups in Ohio are staffed solely with volunteers that have lives and families outside of their greyhound adoption efforts. Two groups working to place a greyhound with the same family is a duplication of effort that results in wasted time and efforts that would have been spent helping another greyhound in need.

COGR will only place greyhounds in the central Ohio area. For a geographical listing of greyhound adoption groups please visit The Greyhound Project, Inc. site.