Central Ohio Greyhound Rescue

WE ARE again accepting new applications to adopt but caution that so few dogs are coming in to our retirement program that you could have a long wait of several weeks to months.  We will be screening applications for the needs of several current foster hounds who have specific challenges like anxiety or medical care, or small animal safety or training and exercise requirements for their forever home. They are looking for families with experience, patience, leadership knowledge, time for play and exercise on a good routine.
Unfortunately, most ex-racing greyhounds cannot go into foster homes with small animals like cats because the adoption kennels at racetracks are no longer able to test for small animal compatibility. Therefore we only need foster homes without any small animals. This is adding to our delays in adoptions because we can only accept applications for our current dogs’ specific requirements.
Thank you for your patience as we work through these challenging times. Rest assured, we are still hard at work for these retiring racers!!!

COGR COVID-19 Home Visit Guidelines

  • COGR representative will confirm on the day of the home visit that no one in the representative’s or the applicant’s homes are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19
  • COGR representative will use hand sanitizer prior to entering the applicant’s home
  • COGR representative and applicant will wear masks for the duration of the home visit
  • Applicant will use hand sanitizer prior to touching the dog; if the applicant does not have hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer will be provided by the COGR representative
  • The majority of the home visit will be conducted outside (weather permitting)
  • COGR representative and applicant will maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet both inside and outside
  • These guidelines also apply to the current foster of the dog, should they decide to participate in the home visit

We appreciate your understanding and support during this unprecedented time.

Welcome! Please come and see us at one of our Meet & Greet events.  Be sure to check out the Adoptables page to see what greyt dogs become available! Please check our Adoption Process page for details on the entire process of adopting.

If you’re not ready to adopt have you considered fostering? COGR is always in need of foster homes to help the hounds transition from track life to retirement. Nothing is more satisfying than helping a hound find a new life. If you’re interested in fostering send us an e-mailFacebook message, submit an application, or give us a call at 614-239-0943.

Remember if you need to get a present for someone (or yourself, and support COGR) by shopping on Amazon Smile, or from one of our supporting Vendors.

COGR will only place greyhounds in the Central Ohio area. If you live outside Central Ohio and want to adopt a hound check out our list of Adoption Groups in other parts of the country.