In Loving Memory

Cat Fields

May 5th, 1994 - February 24th, 2006
Miz Cat Fields...forever in my heart

Levi Strauss Fields

June 29th, 1997 - April 6th, 2009
Levi was a true ambassador for the breed with his friendly and fun loving personality.
Words can not express how much he is missed.

Tommy Fields

April, 1995 - January 1st, 2005

Simon Fields

July 16, 1995 - October 3, 2002

Ransom Fields

December 6, 1993 - January 2, 2002

SJ Jones Grove
Jones Good Friend, Whole-heartedly Loved

Earned Reward ~ Wardy

October 5, 1996 - November 1, 2007
Wardy Our Wardy is now an Angel


June 19, 1999 - December 31, 2007
Mira In her shy way,she gave love to everyone she met. When she got her courage up to
approach someone, she always gave them a tiny kiss on the hand. Everyone who knew her
loved her. All the neighbors told me how much they liked her and that she would be missed.
I think that says a lot. In a very doggie neighborhood, she stood out. She never had a
cross word for any of her fellow dogs. For a dog that would not chase a lure and
never raced, she loved to chase cats, squirrels and rabbits outside. She never hurt any
of them, though.

Sandy Warner-Bennett

1994 - December 1, 2008
Sandy Warner-Bennett Sandy was absolutely the sweetest dog ever, even if her breath sometimes
wasn't. She brought love and joy into our home from her very first day with
us. She was known around our neighborhood from frequent walks which she
loved. We got to know many of our great neighbors because of their interest
in learning about her. She loved to lie down nearby us and get her ears rubbed.
Age and illness eventually took her from us, but her gentle spirit and many warm
memories remain.

Epika Lea aka Bob's Epic

Epic Three years ago Epic came into this inefficiently run household with the determination
that, being the Alpha she was, she would use her skills to make it a much happier home. She
began by teaching us that all trash cans must be kept behind locked doors, unless we wanted
the contents unevenly distributed around the house. Leftover foods were to be put down the
garbage disposal and not in trash cans. All eatables were to be stored in cabinets or spaces
at least six feet off the floor and all counters were to be kept clear of appealing items.
This house contains the ghosts of pets past and they assembled to welcome her. She learned
quickly the best place during a storm is under my computer desk, a lesson from Max. How to
destroy the kitchen, when left alone, she learned from Sam, the monkey who resided here for
nineteen years. Ladybug, the dalmatian gave instructions on being a proper watch hound. They
assured her that with reasonable behavior, and of course, being adorable and cute, she would
be able to settle in and get the management under control very quickly, and so she did. Never
wanting her food bowl empty, she would come announce that she was going to eat her food and
wanted it filled before she was hungry again. The water bowl had to be cleaned regularly and
water had to be fresh. She loved her walks and knew where to find her leash when needed. Epic
loved wearing a coat when it was cold and her pearls when attending dress up events. She may
not have been proficient with English, but her body language was a very effective mode of

Epic, you remain permanently in our hearts and are fondly missed.



Duncan Warner-Bennett

June 21, 1998 - Ocotber 1, 2012
Duncan Warner-Bennett Duncan was an incredibly laid back and loving dog. He was patient with his older sister Sandy
who insisted on being the alpha despite Duncan's much greater size and strength. He was just
happy to share her house until she passed in 2008. He took his retirement seriously, with long
naps on the back porch and an occasional break to chase squirrels or play with his toys. He
insisted on walking every day and greeting each neightbor as a dear friend.

We nearly lost Duncan in 2012 when he developed a serious heart condition. Thankfully, he
responded to treatment and we had two additional years to spend with him. We are grateful
for every extra day we had with him.

Our house is heavy with the stillness of loss. Where there was once snoring from his afternoon
naps, or satisfied sighs from a scratch behind his ears, there is now silence. Where there was
once squeaking stuffies, or his jingling collar announcing walk time, there is now quiet. Now,
the only sounds in our house are of our hearts breaking. We will always love and miss Duncan.


December 11, 2001 - August 29, 2012

Chance came into our lives as a foster having been rescued from a cruelty/neglect situation.
He was a loving, sweet boy and the family grew to love him more each day and we couldn’t give him up.
Yes we failed fostering. He was always excited to see you, loved everyone in the neighborhood and
dog park. He taught us the simplicity of acceptance and love. He also taught me to not clutter my
counters with food because even with a weak hind end, he was the best counter surfer ever. His
favorite things were food, his human family, his step sister Bella, going out and he just loved coming
home after an outing and chilling out. His biggest fears were the trash truck and thunderstorms.
We were blessed to have him just short of 2 ½ years. He is missed in our home.

Tessa Duchene

May 30, 2006 – September 28, 2013
Chance My little girl, I met you as you came off the transport truck and you were in my heart from that moment. You had so many friends and people who loved you. When we walked, people would stop us to have their “Tessa Fix”. You might have preferred to keep going, but you would patiently give them your sweet love and attention. You took good care of your cat brother, Tux and adored your people sister, Rachel. You palled around with the neighbor dogs, Sasha and Krenzel. They would have loved to be able to keep up with you when you ran. You loved the dog park for the people more than the dogs, unless there was a small brown dog to chase. Sweet, gentle, loving and so much fun. Gone too soon.

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