The Adoption Process

Effective 2/1/2010 our adoption fee is $225 and all COGR greyhounds receive the following prior to adoption:

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COGR requires all potential adopters to read "Adopting The Racing Greyhound" by Cynthia Branigan.

After submitting an application to COGR, a representative of COGR will contact you to do a phone interview. We will then schedule a home visit, during these meetings we will work with you to identify the sex, age, and personality traits of the dog that will the best match for your family.

COGR will not adopt to a home using an electric fence.

COGR normally requires a fenced yard, but all applications will be considered.
We will not place greyhounds in homes with children and no fence.

COGR will not adopt to a family with children under 6 years old.

It is very important that you research the different adoption groups in your area and decide which group you feel comfortable with and work with that group to find the right greyhound for your family. Some groups have their dogs in the prison programs and the greyhounds complete obedience training while they are there. Some groups have their greyhounds in a kennel environment, while COGR has their greyhounds solely in foster homes. These are all things to take into consideration when choosing the right adoption group to work with. It is also a good idea to visit the groups at their local meet and greets and talk to the volunteers to see who you feel comfortable with. Something else to consider is the prevalence of the tick diseases in racing greyhounds and talk to your greyhound adoption group about the tick diseases.

COGR will not follow up with a potential adopter that has already applied to another adoption group. We are not in competition with other groups in Ohio to place a dog with you. Please be considerate and understand that all the groups in Ohio are staffed solely with volunteers that have lives and families outside of their greyhound adoption efforts. There is no reason two groups should be working to place one greyhound with the same family. Someone is going to be wasting their valuable time and efforts that may very well have been spent helping another greyhound in need.

The adoption fee for greyhounds over 7 years old is $125.00.

COGR is also collaborating with Greyhounds Adopting Families based in Charleston, WV with placing some of their wonderful greyhounds in the central Ohio area. Please visit our WV Adoptables page to see all the wonderful hounds awaiting homes in West Virginia.

COGR will only place greyhounds in the central Ohio area. For a geograhical listing of greyhound adoption groups please visit the
The Greyhound Project, Inc. site.


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